University of Arizona Keychains

Arizona Wildcats Holographic Domed Oval Keychain

Yes this is a keychain decked out with a holographic Arizona logo but it?ÇÖs not just for keys. You can put it on a backpack hang it off your belt display it in your ‘Zona collection or hang it anywhere that you?ÇÖre itching for another dose of Wildcats spirit. The enamel domed logo is set into a durable silvertone metal body that?ÇÖll withstand a few dings and scrapes. What else could you ask for in such a tiny package?




$ 5.95

Arizona Wildcats NCAA Team Logo Lanyard

You can attach your ID badge whistle or keep track of your keys while rooting for your favorite team with this awesome lanyard!




$ 9.95

Arizona Wildcats Key Bottle Opener Keychain

Always be prepared for an impromptu tailgate party with this bottle opener keychain featuring an enameled team logo and a key-shaped metal body so you can pop open your favorite beverage in no time!




$ 4.95

Arizona Wildcats Number One Fan Flashlight Keychain

As a member of Zona’s privileged fan club you always leave your mark. Now you can light the path of a true champion with this Number One Fan keychain! Its hand-shaped design boasts vibrant team colors and a bold team logo. Also featuring a bright flashlight at the tip of the index finger this fun spirited keychain is sure to add a whole lot of Wildcats enthusiasm to anyone?ÇÖs life!




$ 5.95

Arizona Wildcats Silvertone Teardrop Keychain

Sports fans may not always be known for their sophistication but with this Teardrop keychain you can show off your Wildcats pride in sharp style. This sleek silvertone keychain features slightly textured team graphics on a vibrant team color inlay so you can bring a touch of team-spirited class with you wherever you roam.




$ 6.95

Arizona Wildcats Black Carabiner Clip Keychain

Get ready to cheer on Arizona every day when you use this carabiner clip keychain featuring an oval metal Wildcats logo on the strap!




$ 7.95

Arizona Wildcats Diamond Zebra Print Keychain

Some may call your taste flashy and loud but to you that?ÇÖs no insult! Show ?Çÿem that you can have glitzy team spirit with the Diamond Zebra Print keychain. Your radiant Wildcats pride will shine with the diamond-shaped charm outlined in rhinestones featuring an Arizona wordmark over black and white zebra print. Plus a metal lobster claw clasp is attached to the charm so you can attach this keychain to anything with ease. This gleaming display of team pride will show any naysayers that your ?ÇÿZona style is unique and strong!




$ 8.95

Arizona Wildcats Silvertone Valet Keychain

Eliminate worry over leaving your keys with the valet with this team-spirited Arizona valet keychain! This sleek Wildcats keychain features slightly textured school graphics on a vibrant inlay for a touch of classy ‘Zona style. In addition the top loop has a quick release feature so you’ll never have to fumble with your keys at the valet stand again. Your keys couldn?ÇÖt be any safer.




$ 7.95

Arizona Wildcats High Definition Logo Keychain

Tote your keys in style with this high definition logo keychain!




$ 5.95

Arizona Wildcats Brushed Metal Bottle Opener Keychain

No need to worry when you leave home without your trusty bottle opener!




$ 7.95

Arizona Wildcats Navy Blue Valet Keychain

Eliminate worry over leaving all your keys with the valet while still showing off your Wildcats pride with this team color metal valet keyring! It features an etched team logo on one side and the top loop has a quick release feature so you’ll never fumble with your keys at the valet stand again.




$ 9.95

Arizona Wildcats Mini Mirror Key Chain

Keep track of your keys with this novel mini mirror key chain from Stockdale! Approximately 1″ x 1″.




$ 5.95

Arizona Wildcats Oval Keychain

Sport your pride for the Wildcats wherever you travel with this oval keychain which features a full-colored team logo and a brushed metal backing!




$ 7.95

Arizona Wildcats Bronze Coin Keychain

You’ll never run out of luck or team spirit with this durable bronze keychain featuring embossed and debossed graphics on both sides. With the team name and logo on one side and the university seal on the other this handy coin ensures that heads or tails you’re guaranteed a win for showing off your Wildcats pride!




$ 8.95