Arizona Wildcats Convertible Seat Cushion – Navy Blue

It?ÇÖs like when you?ÇÖre wrapped in just enough layers to stay toasty but not feel sweltering. It?ÇÖs that feeling when Arizona is far enough ahead in those final moments of a game to keep things interesting but still ensures another win. It?ÇÖs comparable to those days when the heat outside can?ÇÖt break into your air-conditioned room and the coolness isn?ÇÖt enough to raise goose bumps on your arms. That?ÇÖs the kinda comfort you?ÇÖll experience when you use this Wildcats convertible seat cushion which transforms into a blanket and features a heat-transferred team logo applique on the exterior. It?ÇÖs precisely the level of coziness a Wildcats fan deserves.




$ 19.95