Nike Arizona Wildcats State Crew T-Shirt – Navy Blue

You?ÇÖre at a local hangout with your friends and it?ÇÖs trivia night. After a neck-and-neck battle your team is in the lead going into the final category. The topic is Sports Geography. The host says ?ǣWhat school is located in Tucson Arizona??ǥ You being a die-hard Wildcats fan write down your school and win the game! There is no better way to celebrate your victory than with this State Crew T-shirt from Nike. It features a printed Arizona logo school location state outline and ?ǣWildcats?ǥ lettering on the front of the shirt. Now you can show off your win the next time you go to trivia night by wearing this tee that signifies a die-hard Wildcats fan and a trivia champion!




$ 24.95